Unique Hand-Crafted Gifts

Shopping for holiday, anniversary, birthday or other special occasion gifts can be a challenge, especially if the gift-giver desires a personal touch. Those who want to purchase a unique gift should consider personalised wooden gifts. Companies, such as Make Me Something Special, do not mass produce or sell products through traditional retail chains. Instead, the purchaser gets to select the type of wood the gift will be made out of, Some of the gifts that are available include iPad stands, carving boards, keepsakes, knife holders, desk organizers, tea light holders, wall plaques and toy boxes. Names, quotes and sayings can be etched into the gift, providing the purchaser another opportunity to personlise and incorporate uniqueness.

The scope of possibilities for personalised wooden gifts is fairly broad. Although birthdays, weddings and holidays are popular reasons to give gifts, some of the less obvious reasons include teacher appreciation, welcoming a new pet, baby christenings and expressing appreciation for co-workers. Finding more neutral gifts can be difficult under these circumstances, as the gift giver often wants to find something that isn’t too personal but expresses thoughtful appreciation. A way to accomplish this is by selecting a gift that has a neutral personal touch and a functionality that matches one of the recipient’s interests. For instance, if a teacher is an avid book collector, personalized wooden book ends or a book stand is an appropriate and thoughtful gift.


The birth or adoption of a new child is a special occasion that prompts family and friends to purchase gifts for the parents. Between baby showers, christenings and birthdays, parents receive gifts that help them make the transition to caring for an additional person. Since personalised wooden baby gifts can stand out from the traditional store-bought items, you’ll want to consider how the gift will benefit the parents and child. Keepsake items, such as fingerprint impression blocks and engraved wooden letters are items that the parents can keep and display for years. Toy items, such as building blocks and toy boxes are additional items that the child can play with and 5 year anniversary hand down to future generations.

Before you go out and buy a gift for the next special occasion, consider purchasing a unique wooden gift that will last for several years. From the wood selection to function to what is engraved on the gift, you’ll have a say in what the final product becomes. Personlised gifts are a way to show that a great deal of care and thought were put into the selection. Instead of getting a standard gift that the receiver may not enjoy or use, a personalised gift is high-quality, made with care and unique. The recipient will be both inspired and appreciative, and be able to enjoy the gift for many years.


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